Can I Combine Hashish With Psychedelics? Dangers vs. Advantages



Abstract: What You Ought to Know Earlier than Mixing Hashish With Psychedelics

  1. The consequences are unpredictable — proceed with warning at your individual threat.
  2. Solely folks skilled with each substances ought to take into account it — solely those that have used and perceive each substances individually ought to even take into account mixing them.
  3. Timing issues — as I’ll level out under, the purpose during which you’re taking the cannabis in relation to the psychedelics could make a giant distinction relying on what your objective is for the mixture.
  4. Hemp & marijuana are very totally different — marijuana tends to make the journey extra intense, however hemp has a extra stress-free impact.
  5. Begin low & go gradual — it’s smart to make use of cannabis slowly, giving it time to kick in earlier than taking extra. You’ll be able to at all times add extra, however you may’t take it away.

Is Hashish a Psychedelic?

The phrase psychedelic means “thoughts manifesting.” Colloquially, the time period refers to substances that produce modifications in sensory notion. They might produce full-fledged hallucinations and alternate realities — or they might trigger objects within the setting to look to maneuver and merge collectively.

Most individuals who’ve used each a psychedelic like magic mushrooms or LSD and marijuana will agree cannabis isn’t significantly psychedelic.

It doesn’t produce hallucinations or induces ego-death — one thing many take into account to be the climax of the psychedelic expertise.

Nonetheless, there’s a shocking quantity of overlap with cannabinoids and psychedelics when it comes to their mechanism of motion.

In truth, very excessive doses of the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana — THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — can produce visible and auditory distortions just like LSD or psilocybin (the energetic ingredient in magic mushrooms).

How Do Psychedelics Work?

There are a shocking variety of psychedelic compounds — each pure and artificial. Nonetheless, most of them work by means of kind of the identical mechanics.

A lot of the classical psychedelics, like LSD, mescaline, DMT, and magic mushrooms, work by activating the 5HT2A serotonin receptors, also known as the psychedelic receptor.

These receptors are situated all through the mind however are particularly ample within the prefrontal cortex, the place the visible middle is situated. When these receptors are activated, it may well alter our notion of sensory info — which produces visible and auditory hallucinations.

Activation of this receptor can even produce modifications in different cognitive processes, such because the default mode community (DMN). The DMN is an interconnected community of mind areas that drive our underlying thought processes and rumination. It’s considered the bodily supply of our “ego.”

Once we take psychedelics, the DMN turns into much less energetic, which is considered the reason for what many take into account “ego-dissolution”, which generally is a life-changing expertise.

A Fast Overview of Widespread Psychedelics

Earlier than we get an excessive amount of additional, let’s briefly go over a number of the hottest psychedelics persons are combining cannabis with.

1. LSD

LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. It’s probably the most potent psychedelics on the earth — producing sturdy hallucinations at sub-milligram doses.

To place this into context, the psychoactive dose of THC normally begins round 10 mg.

Like most psychedelics, LSD has a really light affect on the physique — bodily, not less than. There has by no means been a reported overdose on this drug.

Nonetheless, the psychological results might be big. Most individuals who use LSD take into account it to be probably the most impactful experiences of their life.

2. Magic Mushrooms

The energetic components in magic mushrooms are psilocybin and psilocin. There are lots of of various species of mushrooms that comprise these components, however the largest and commonest group, by far, is the Psilocybe genus.

Magic mushrooms are normally psychoactive at doses of round 2 grams or extra. The consequences are similar to LSD however have a tendency to provide a stronger physique load.

3. DMT

DMT stands for dimethyltryptamine. There are a lot of totally different sorts of DMT, however the commonest are 5-MeO-DMT (discovered within the Bufo alvarius toad in addition to in artificial kind), and N,N-DMT — which is the energetic ingredient within the psychoactive brew from the Amazon rainforest generally known as ayahuasca.

The consequences of DMT are very short-lived. The whole expertise lasts simply 20 or half-hour when smoked. Ayahuasca is the one exception, which may final a number of hours.

4. Mescaline

Mescaline is the energetic ingredient in Peyote or San Pedro cactus. It’s similar to each LSD and magic mushrooms however with extra stimulating motion behind it.

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Many different artificial psychedelics have been made utilizing mescaline as a base, corresponding to 2C-B, 2C-C, and DOM.

5. Ketamine

Ketamine is taken into account a “soiled drug.”

Whereas this sounds unhealthy, it doesn’t imply what you suppose it means.

A grimy drug is a time period that refers to substances that don’t goal one particular receptor — reasonably, they activate many various receptors to provide the mixed results.

One of many many receptors ketamine prompts is the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors. That is considered the first mechanisms concerned within the painkilling exercise of this substance [6].

Cannabinoids might potentiate (toughen) the painkilling results of ketamine.

Hashish & The Psychedelic Receptors

Lots of the cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana crops additionally work together with the psychedelic receptors — although in a distinct context than psychedelic substances.

Most cannabinoids work by activating or in any other case modulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — which is a collection of receptors and neurotransmitters tasked with regulating homeostasis (steadiness).

Apparently, the ECS is intimately linked with the serotonin system. When compounds work together with certainly one of these techniques, they not directly have an effect on the opposite one too.

Each the serotonin system and the endocannabinoid system are closely concerned with homeostasis and the regulation of temper, starvation, sleep, cognition, and extra.

A research printed in 2015 found that one of many ECS receptor sorts (CB1) varieties heteromer complexes with the 5HT2A receptors [2]. This implies they often merge collectively into one “super-receptor” that may do issues neither receptor can on their very own. These heteromer complexes have binding websites that each 5HT2A receptor agonists (like LSD) and CB1 receptor agonists (like THC) can each bind to.

It’s thought that THC’s skill to bind to the CB1 portion prompts these mixture receptors — inflicting results which are related to the results of different psychedelics like LSD or magic mushrooms.

Different research have discovered these CB1/5HT2A heteromer complexes mediate each the constructive painkilling advantages of THC, in addition to THC’s amnesiac (memory-loss) results [3].

Different cannabinoids have been proven to upregulate or improve serotonin exercise on the 5HT2A receptors within the prefrontal cortex [4].

This relationship works each methods. One research discovered that a rise in 5HT2A exercise stimulated the discharge of endocannabinoids [5].

The connection between the 5HT2A psychedelic receptors and the endocannabinoid system is taken into account to be one of many major mechanisms for the antidepressant results of psychedelics like LSD or magic mushrooms.

Cannabinoids & Different Serotonin Receptors

There’s multiple kind of serotonin receptor. Whereas the 5HT2A kind is considered the first agent chargeable for the psychedelic results, there are additionally a number of others that may affect issues like temper, starvation, aggression, anxiousness, and extra.

Research have discovered that anandamide, one of many physique’s major endocannabinoids, prompts the 5HT1A serotonin receptors. CBD has a really related form and performance as anandamide and also will bind to this serotonin receptor.

Apparently, CBDA (the non-decarboxylated model) has a stronger binding affinity for the 5HT1A receptors than the decarboxylated kind. It’s thought that this impact is the explanation why uncooked, unheated CBD merchandise supply the best anti-nausea help.

The activation of the 5-HT1A receptor by CBD has been proven to result in a lower in blood strain, decreased physique temperature, decrease coronary heart fee, and fewer ache [1].

Mixing Hashish & Psychedelics: Advantages, Dangers, & Analysis

It’s frequent observe for folks to combine cannabis merchandise with their psychedelics. Some folks declare it helps mellow out the expertise and thrust back “unhealthy journeys” — others swear towards it, stating the mixture was scary and terrifying.

So which is true? Ought to cannabis and psychedelics be taken collectively?

The reply is, sadly, “it relies upon:”

  • Generally marijuana makes the journey extra intense — which might be both scary or pleasing
  • Generally marijuana doesn’t trigger any change in any respect
  • Generally hemp or CBD make the expertise extra relaxed and pleasing
  • Generally hemp or CBD make the results of psychedelics extra intense

The reality is that mixing cannabis with psychedelics, in any context, is totally unpredictable. It completely depends upon your private expertise with each substances, the dose you utilize, and if you take every compound.

Threat vs. Advantages of Mixing Hashish & Psychedelics

Metrics Marijuana (THC) Hemp (CBD)
Psychoactive Results Delicate to Average Psychoactive Results No Psychoactivity In anyway
Low Dose Results Calming & Anti-Anxiousness Mildly Stimulating
Excessive Dose Results Stimulating & Psychoactive Enjoyable & Mildly Sedating
Potential Advantages When Used With Psychedelics Very prone to improve the depth of the experienceMay alleviate anxiousness & paranoiaMay extend the length of the experienceMay cut back pushback from the ego throughout tough experiences Might improve the depth of the experienceLikely to alleviate anxiousness & paranoiaMay extend the length of the experienceLikely to cut back pushback from the ego throughout tough experiences
Potential Dangers When Used With Psychedelics Might improve anxiousness and paranoia (particularly in greater doses)Might result in experiences which are “too intense,” which might be scary Might cut back the depth of the experienceMay result in experiences which are “too intense,” which might be scary

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Why Combine Hashish and Psychedelics?

There are a number of causes somebody might select to mix marijuana or hemp with their psychedelics:

  • To cut back anxiousness and ego-pushback throughout a psychedelic expertise
  • To alleviate nausea
  • To “soften the touchdown” close to the tip of a psychedelic expertise
  • To extend the results of a psychedelic
  • To accentuate the journey

We’re going to want to cowl every of those in slightly extra element as a result of one of the best ways to make use of cannabis will fluctuate relying in your objective.

1. Utilizing Marijuana for a Smoother Touchdown

Most individuals will use marijuana proper after the psychedelics peak to assist promote a “smoother touchdown” in the course of the come-down of psychedelics. Because the substances put on off, it may be a tough expertise. Chances are you’ll really feel delinquent and strongly introspective, anxious, or confused. Marijuana appears to assist with these results — however it may well additionally inject you straight again right into a peak expertise if taken too early.

If utilizing marijuana to help the come-down, most individuals discover it finest to start out utilizing smaller quantities, corresponding to a number of puffs on a vape pen or joint across the 4 or 5-hour mark on mushrooms and the 5 or 6-hour mark on mescaline or LSD.

One cannabinoid, specifically, delta 8 THC, is being talked about so much just lately for this goal.

Delta 8 THC is psychoactive, like different THC merchandise, however it has a a lot decrease likelihood of inflicting anxiousness. It’s also known as a “extra chilled out” model of THC.

2. Utilizing Hemp or CBD To Offset a “Unhealthy Journey”

Unhealthy journeys are the bane of psychedelic explorers. Most individuals skilled with psychedelics (myself included) choose to refer to those experiences as “difficult” reasonably than unhealthy as a result of these scary or uncomfortable experiences normally ship probably the most progress and studying. They’re uncomfortable and might be very confronting, however as soon as the expertise is over, they’re nearly at all times constructive.

Nonetheless, many individuals need to keep away from these difficult experiences — particularly if the objective of utilizing psychedelics is for the aim of participating in an pleasing journey with buddies.

One of many principal causes of a foul journey is ego pushback. When the ego begins to dissolve, it typically resists — resulting in panic, paranoia, and a way of concern and terror. Anecdotally, CBD can assist resist the pushback from the ego and permit you to sit again and make the expertise extra overtly — which considerably reduces the severity of a foul journey.

Hemp and CBD are the perfect choices for this, and most of the people who use these cannabis merchandise together with psychedelics discover it’s finest to take it proper at the start of the journey when the results first begin to kick in.

All the time begin with a really low dose and add to it as you see match. Taking an excessive amount of might have the alternative impact, so begin with a number of puffs from a joint of vape pen or a half dose of CBD (in comparison with what you’d usually take). You’ll be able to at all times add extra later, however when you’ve taken it, you may’t undo it.

Many individuals discover smoking the uncooked hemp flower to be one of the best ways to make use of it when combining with psychedelics. There’s one thing very grounding about smoking (or vaping). It’s a observe that’s been used for hundreds of years alongside psychedelics — normally with tobacco.

For those who ever end up in a maloka consuming ayahuasca, there are at all times a number of pre-rolled lapacho (ceremonial tobacco) cigarettes close by to assist floor you if you begin to really feel chaotic or uncontrolled. I’ve discovered hemp leaf has the identical grounding impact, if not much more so than tobacco — which generally is a bit too stimulating.

3. Utilizing Hashish to Alleviate Nausea

Some psychedelics, corresponding to magic mushrooms, peyote, or san Pedro tend to make customers really feel nauseous. Even delicate nausea can really feel amplified as soon as the psychoactive results begin to kick in.

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There are many methods to offset nausea signs, like utilizing lemon tek, consuming the mushrooms as a tea, not consuming them on an empty abdomen, or consuming ginger tea together with the dose.

Many individuals use cannabis to assist alleviate nausea as effectively — however the dose issues so much.

Basically, you’ll want decrease doses of THC (lower than 20 mg) and better doses of CBD or hemp (greater than 20 mg) to negate the nauseating results of some psychedelics.

4. Utilizing Hashish to Extend the Results of Psychedelics

Utilizing cannabis to extend the length of results with psychedelics isn’t advisable. You’re strolling a nice line between making the expertise higher and probably pushing you over the sting into a really uncomfortable state of affairs.

Nonetheless, it’s frequent observe within the psychonaut neighborhood.

To do that, customers will mix marijuana with their psychedelics all through the journey, with a selected emphasis close to the tip of the journey.

Most psychedelic experiences will undergo cycles of elevated depth, adopted by periodic breaks of decreased results. Folks will normally take marijuana within the type of a vape pen or joint in the course of the “down” occasions when the results aren’t as intense.

Many individuals recommend this observe lets you squeeze one other 1 and even 2 hours of expertise out of the psychedelics and might make the excessive factors much more intense.

The draw back is that it may well additionally improve emotions of tension and paranoia and will result in a foul journey.

Some customers will wait till the journey is nearing the tip earlier than taking marijuana. This observe can inject you straight again right into a peak expertise for a couple of minutes after they would usually be sporting off.

Ultimate Ideas: Ought to I Combine Hashish With Psychedelics?

Mixing cannabis merchandise and psychedelics is frequent — however it’s not with out its inherent dangers.

Whereas the mixture might be very constructive for some — lowering uncomfortable side effects like anxiousness, nausea, or paranoia — this isn’t at all times the case.

The reality is that the results you’re going to expertise when mixing the 2 are completely unpredictable — all people is totally totally different. Elements like your private expertise with these substances, the doses you used, your set and setting, and particular person genetic elements can all affect how the mixture goes to really feel.

With that mentioned, the final thought is to make use of a small quantity of marijuana or hemp persistently all through the expertise to extend the length, improve the depth, and offset some uncomfortable side effects. For these trying to have a smoother touchdown when the substances put on off, hemp is normally smoked nearing the tip of the journey to maintain you grounded and mellow out a number of the uncomfortable side-effects. 

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