Ditanium Vaporizer Quickstart Overview

Ditanium Vaporizer Quickstart Guide


The Ditanium Vaporizer went into the area with a strong, eye-catching style that evaporates both completely dry natural herbs as well as focuses. Have a look at our quickstart overview to rise to speed up with your brand-new Ditanium!

Ditanium Quickstart Overview: What’s in package

  • Ditanium Vaporizer
  • Glass Handpiece/Herb Chamber
  • Silicone Tubes
  • Titanium Mouthpiece/Adapter
  • Customer Handbook

Examination fire

Prior to we obtain rolling with our initial Ditanium session, allow’s fire it up as well as make certain every little thing remains in functioning order. Plug in your system as well as established it down on a level, strong surface area. Transform the temperature level dial right up as well as wait on the home heating pole to transform a brilliant orange. The LED light below ought to be lit to show that the system is powered on. Allow it warmth saturate for a little to burn any kind of production oils. After a couple of mins, transform the dial to 12 o’clock, as well as allow’s place the whip with each other.

Ditanium Vaporizer Temperature Knob

Put together the whip

After you’ve unpacked every little thing, get hold of the silicone pipe, glass handpiece, as well as the titanium mouth piece, as well as allow’s place all of it with each other. Take the titanium mouth piece as well as press as well as spin it right into either end of the silicone pipe. Get the various other end of the pipe as well as insert it right into the tiny end of the glass handpiece. You’ll require to fold up as well as crush it down a little bit to obtain it therein, so don’t seem like you’re doing anything incorrect. When the pipe is inside the glass, remain to feed it in till the pipe spreads out as well as is flush with the glass.

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Ditanium Vaporizer Whip

Tool work

The Ditanium Vaporizer makes use of convection home heating to remove your completely dry natural herbs, as well as does it ideal with a tool work. Grind up your option of natural herbs as well as load the glass handpiece midway to the frozen glass, as well as provide it a mild tamp. Bear in mind the reality that the handpiece will certainly be laying flat as you strike it, so the natural herbs might drop as well as incline down in the direction of the heating system. 

Struck it, brother!

Now, your Ditanium ought to be trendy sufficient at the 12 o’clock establishing. This is an excellent beginning temperature for this initial session, with reduced temperature, tasty hits. When you’re ready to take your initial draw, very carefully affix the glass handpiece to the titanium nozzle, as well as begin striking it! The initial couple of secs will certainly be a little bit slender as well as really tasty, however will certainly increase with vapor as you remain to attract.

When your tons is ended up at that temperature, provide it a fast mix as well as bump up the temperature a little bit to complete it off. Considering that the Ditanium doesn’t have a temperature level screen, it’s important that you experiment with the temperature levels as well as discover what jobs best for you.

Concentrate usage

Utilizing focuses with your Ditanium is really easy as well as simple. We recommend transforming the temperature level dial to 12 o’clock also for your initial hit. Prior to we decrease in, have a look at the quartz nail as well as make certain you understand where you’re positioning your concentrate. There’s a little, round trench around the burner. You’ll position your tons inside right here, OUT top of the home heating pole.
So scuff up a rice-grain sized quantity of concentrate product, location it within the trench, as well as begin your hit right before it touches the quartz recipe! If you acquired the carbohydrate cap, currently’s the moment to utilize it. Put it in addition to the heating system after you place your focus on the quartz recipe.

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Ditanium Vaporizer Trench


We’ll launch a complete cleansing overview for your Ditanium quickly, however, for currently, allow’s discuss a fast as well as very easy cleansing regimen you ought to embrace after each session. For completely dry natural herbs, make sure to clean out the handpiece to maintain any kind of remaining particles from staying with the display. When you’re done swabbing for the day, transform the warmth right up as well as allow rest as well as burn any kind of remaining deposit. These tiny actions will certainly guarantee your Ditanium remains cleaner much longer!

Ditanium Vaporizer Burnoff