DynaVap Induction Heating Systems: In-Depth Evaluation & Contrast

DynaVap Induction Heaters: In-Depth Review & Comparison

For fairly time, sessions with a DynaVap VapCap weren’t actually feasible without a lantern lighter as well as a canister of butane. Each session required a constant hand, a real-time fire, as well as a little skill to pin down. Induction heating units ditch these needs as well as offer a much safer, extra soothing session with constant home heating as well as absolutely no fires. Allow’s dive in as well as discover your choices.

What is a VapCap induction heating system?

Whether connected in or escaping a battery, DynaVap induction heating units constantly as well as quickly warmth VapCaps without a lighter. They change the two-handed technique with an appealing, contemporary remedy that gets rid of all the twirling as well as hissing. Simply push your VapCap right into the chamber as well as wait on the click!

Orion Portable Induction Heating System

Just how do they function?

Every one of the induction heating units for DynaVap function the exact same, with one exemption. Activate the master button, as well as the heating system prepares as well as waiting. Put the VapCap right into the chamber till it clicks, as well as begin vaping! The Beauty 2 as well as Wanderer heating units have a little button in the red that you push down on with the stem, launching the warmth cycle. The Orion, nevertheless, detects the VapCap’s visibility, as well as begins home heating as quickly as you place the VapCap, without pushing down on a button. It’s like magic! None of these heating units will certainly switch on till something steel is put. A pencil eraser or a few other product won’t function.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 Rover Heating a 2020 M
Beauty 2 Wanderer Induction Heating System with DynaVap 2020 M

Why utilize one?

Simply put, convenience as well as uniformity. The art of lantern possessing generally needs a finding out contour to overcome prior to you create the kind of hits you’re trying to find with your VapCap. What component of the cap do you warm up? Just how do you revolve the stem? Just how close do you obtain with the fire? Order an induction heating system as well as you’ll never ever need to ask these concerns. They’re straightforward, extra reputable, as well as offer one of the most constant home heating feasible. There aren’t a great deal of factors not to utilize one with your DynaVap M.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 Rover next to Torch Lighter

The Beauty 2

The Beauty 2 Induction Heating unit is your entry-level heating system as well as makes a best home device. This heating system features a cumbersome power supply to connect in, so it’ll likely invest a lot of its time on your workdesk or a side table. It showcases the Dynatec tag as well as features a little magnet ahead to hold your Cap. Connect it in as well as push the toggle activate the back to transform it on. The home heating passage will certainly transform eco-friendly and after that it’s ready to go. Put your VapCap till the light turns from eco-friendly to red, wait on the click, and after that struck it.

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DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 with Power Cable

Very First Generation Beauty 2 Induction Heating System with Planetary Cover Style.

For our evaluation we ran the Beauty 2 with a variety of VapCaps, as well as it balanced in between 7 as well as 9 secs to click. The home heating cycle on this heating system is purposefully cooler than the Orion. If you like hotter sessions, you’ll require to leave the VapCap in the chamber a 2nd or 2 after the click. The drawback is extra benefit hotter hits. The benefit is extra adaptability as well as control, specifically for taste canines.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 Heating 2020 M

The Beauty 2 Wanderer

The Beauty 2 Wanderer develops off of its precursor with an upgraded cover style as well as an inner battery. You’ll see the initial Beauty 2 as well as the Wanderer coincide dimension as well as include the exact same magnetic owner as well as chamber area. Select them both up as well as you’ll right away see the substantial distinction in weight from the Wanderer’s battery pack. Detach from the wall surface as well as take pleasure in constant home heating anywhere you go! The Wanderer gives its customers the exact same strike of the Beauty 2, yet with mobility as well as a lower-profile power plug.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 Rover with Power CableThe Wanderer has the exact same warmth account as the Beauty 2, as well as additionally clicks in 7 to 9 secs. The chamber light will certainly begin intense eco-friendly with a complete fee, as well as gradually discolor to yellow as the battery drains pipes down. Dynavap asserts 100+ home heating cycles per fee, as well as in our screening we obtained practically 150! It’s risk-free to state this can power a tailgate celebration.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo2 Rover Heating 2020 M

The Orion

The Orion Induction Heating unit gets in with an appealing, pocket-friendly style as well as upgraded attributes. It’s about the dimension of a Smart+ as well as considers no greater than the initial Beauty 2. It can be found in a trendy, black do with an air conditioning magnet ahead as well as the Dynatec tag along its side. Quick USB-C billing with simple accessibility to a source of power anywhere you go.

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DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Orion with USB-C CableThree-way click the power switch as well as the device will certainly switch on with an environment-friendly sign light. The Orion’s induction heating system detects your VapCap as well as involves the heating system, without the requirement for a switch. As opposed to pushing down with your DynaVap, just drop it in, as well as the heating system will certainly involve with a blinking orange light while you wait on the click. The strobe light behaves. It takes the uncertainty out of over-heating, as you can count the blinks after the click as opposed to simply counting in your head.

DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Orion Heating 2020 MThe Orion had an outstanding 4 to 6 2nd warm up time, a hotter session, as well as went a looong time without a recharge. Colored lights show the existing fee – eco-friendly at complete, blue when it gets to 30%, as well as red at 0%. We ran the Orion with an onslaught of VapCaps as well as had the ability to drain an overall of 87 warmth cycles prior to it touched out. Dynavap asserts a much more conventional 60+ cycles per fee.

Which one is for me?

👉 Induction Heating System

Beauty 2

Beauty 2 Wanderer


💰 Cost





4.6” x 3.5” x 1.9”

4.6” x 3.5” x 1.9”

4.4” x 2.3” x 1.3”

⚖️ Weight




✋ Is It Portable?




⏳ Typical Warm Up Time

7 secs

7 secs

4.5 secs

🔄 Warmth Ups Per Cost




DynaVap Induction Heater Review Size Comparison
Visualized from delegated right: Beauty 2, Beauty 2 Wanderer, Orion

If you’re purely an at-home customer and/or have a restricted budget plan, the Beauty 2 is your best choice. It’s light-weight, constant, as well as will certainly never ever lack juice. Or else, the Wanderer executes specifically the exact same with a battery charger, as well as can be dragged about your house or bent on a celebration. 

 DynaVap Induction Heaters Review Apollo 2 Heating Up 2020 MIf you require a much more mobile choice, as well as the cost doesn’t terrify you, we choose the Orion. It’s little sufficient to include a little bag or handbag without occupying excessive room, as well as has the power to run sessions all evening long. Its little stature won’t bring in excessive undesirable focus if you take it out in public, as well as USB-C charging is our favored means to bill on-the-go.

DynaVap Induction Heater Review Slipping Orion into Pocket
Just the Orion is absolutely pocketable.

That’s it except?

It’s tough to say the suggestion of an induction heating system, yet they may not be for everybody. If you take a minimal technique or you’re taking a trip light, it’s tough to defeat the dimension as well as cost of a pocket lantern. Butane as well as lighter in weights are inexpensive. The Orion is just one of the tiniest induction heating units we’ve seen, yet it comes with a cost, as well as won’t go undetected inside your pocket or bag.

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If the suggestion of mindlessly warming up your VapCap upsets you, stay away from these! Procedure with a DynaVap as well as lantern are recognized to be fairly individual to some customers. The mindful turning of the VapCap, combined with the stable hand of the fire, has actually brought customers more detailed to their sessions with its ceremonial nature.

A couple of ideas

DynaVap induction heating units warmth VapCaps without the uncertainty, yet that doesn’t suggest you’re roped right into the exact same point every single time. As an example, you can eliminate the VapCap regarding a 2nd prior to it clicks for even more savory, reduced temperature hits. Or attempt holding it in momentarily after the click for thicker, extra powerful hits – yet don’t go also much!

This strategy is simplest with the Orion due to the fact that you can utilize the strobe light to time it right. If you’re opting for taste, attempt counting 6 or 7 blinks, and after that struck it. For thick hits, attempt 2 or 3 blinks after the click. Experiment with it as well as see what jobs best for you!

DynaVap Induction heaters Review Orion Orange Heating Light
The cap-shaped light to the left of the VapCap blinks. Utilize it to time warm or cool hits.

Want beast concentrate strikes with the Dynacoil? Leave the vapcap in your induction heating system past the click, till the heating system auto-shuts off. After that have at it. Do not do this with completely dry natural herbs, though!

Induction heating units aren’t simply for ease. They’re fantastic devices for real DynaVap masters, that ignore the click as well as vape off the rails. Depending on only reaction, once they listen to the click, they begin their hits and after that reheat over as well as over once again prior to the cool-down click. These jedi-knights of the Dynaverse can remove a complete dish in one lengthy session with thick hits that dance along the side of burning. It takes a great deal of technique to draw this off without shedding your natural herbs, yet the sessions are ridiculous!

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