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Desktop computer log vaporizers are understood for their sophisticated design and also performance. The EpicVape E-Nano log design vape establishes bench high with reliable microdosing, mouthwatering taste, and also attractive charm. If you remain in the marketplace for a brand-new house vaporizer, this deserves an appearance. Allow’s dive in.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Lifestyle Shot in Office

EpicVape E-Nano Testimonial: Decadent vapor

The E-Nano log vaporizer doesn’t appear like much of a rival initially look, yet it gives among one of the most well-shaped hits you can discover from a vaporizer. Each hit brushes your lips with a refined heat and also terpene-rich personality that will certainly amaze with abundant taste and also thick clouds. The vapor is delicious and also powerful, yet the greater temperatures will certainly really feel warm on the back of your throat. The pure, all-glass vapor course provides a really gratifying hit each time.

Stunning, strong building

Vaporizers that can spruce up any type of decoration don’t happen frequently. Vapes that are special and also execute well are also tougher to discover, yet the E-Nano certifies. The handmade, wood coating integrates all-natural charm and also longevity with simple capability. The clinical quality stainless-steel warmth exchanger rests as a solitary item, offering an unfailing structure for evaporating. Without any relocating inner components to damage, the E-Nano awaits years of solution.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Hardwood Build and Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The power line is a little large for the E-Nano’s small number, and also is truly our only problem with the develop. It can send your vape flying if you bump the cord also tough or journey over it. The E-Nano’s brief stature is pleading for a smaller sized cord link, yet it’s tough to whine with exactly how well this little vape accumulates. Regardless of its dimension, there isn’t an extra easy to use power controller for any type of log vaporizer we’ve stumbled upon.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Power Cord Plugged in

Warms Up in a couple of mins

The E-Nano log vaporizer goes from chilly to ready-to-vape in concerning 2 to 3 mins, yet the longer it warms up, the much better. 5 to 10 mins of home heating ought to suffice, or you can transform the dial completely up for a couple of mins, and also call it pull back to your preferred temperature. Throughout the day customers can stay clear of the delay and also established the E-Nano on 3 or 4 as a standby setting, after that bump it approximately 6 or 7 when it’s time to vape.

Variable dish dimension

Each E-Nano has a glass stem with a gliding steel display that enables you to change the tons dimension to whatever you desire. The consisted of multitool has 2 various setups to quickly change for tiny and also huge dosages. Readjust the temperature level and also your draw rate appropriately and also discover the mix that functions ideal for you. We obtained abundant, gratifying hits from tons as tiny as 0.015 grams (not a typo!), to as huge as 0.25 grams.

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EpicVape E-Nano Review E-Pick Multitool Microdose Setting
Microdose setup making use of the E-Pick Multitool

Excellent with focuses

The E-Nano does a phenomenal work with focuses. It doesn’t featured a concentrate insert, yet a mesh insert like the POTV ONE Concentrate Pad fits the glass stems flawlessly. Change the basket display in the stem with the concentrate pad, put a rice-grain dimension quantity of product onto the pad, and also have at it. The E-Nano’s performance had us vaping an entire tons with simply one lengthy hit!

EpicVape E-Nano Review Glass Stem with POTV ONE Concentrate Insert
E-Nano GonG Add-on with POTV ONE Concentrate Insert

Hotter temperature levels, such as 8 – 10 on the dial, generated the most effective outcomes, yet the vapor can obtain also warm to utilize with the straight glass stem. If you likewise discover it warm with focuses, we advise getting hold of the E-Nano Adjustable GonG Stem, and also utilizing it with a bubbler.

Flexible temperature level dial

The E-Nano flaunts a wide temperature level range, completely approximately 560° F (293° C), to cover every one of your requirements. Each setup has an objective. For instance, setups 3 to 4 can be made use of for diffusing oils with the E-Nano Aromatherapy Mug, 5 to 7 for common completely dry natural herb vaping, and also 8 and also over for focuses. The dial has an 11 on it, yet don’t obtain also ecstatic, as it just looks to 10. No matter, the feature and also adaptability make it a fantastic, functional vaporizer.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Temperature Dial

King of microdosing

Log vaporizers (tiny desktop computer vapes made from a block of timber) are understood amongst fanatics for being ultra reliable, and also the E-Nano is a beaming instance. Its complete a/c power and also slim dish can completely draw out tons as tiny as 0.015 grams with a gratifying hit that’ll leave you examining the requirement for larger bowls. Utilize the consisted of multitool and also change the display to the initial little notch for smaller sized dosages. You’ll wish to ensure the natural herbs are covering all-time low of the display, and also aren’t touching the heating unit for the very best hits.

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EpicVape E-Nano Review Glass Stem with .015g Microdose
A .015g Microdose!

Essential devices

EpicVape consists of whatever you require to get going with completely dry natural herb vaping, yet we advise 3 devices to complete the plan. As stated in the past, the E-Nano Adjustable GonG Stem is an essential for focuses, yet it’s likewise become my best item for completely dry natural herb vaping also. The included glass and also water filtering cools down the vapor flawlessly on both the greater and also reduced temperatures for pleasant, beast hits. I very advise getting hold of one for both completely dry natural herbs and also concentrate use. See to it you get hold of the appropriate dimension for your glass, either 14mm or 18mm.

EpicVape E-Nano Review with EpicVape E-Nano 18mm GonG Attachment and Bubbler
If you wish to evaporate focuses, the mesh pad for the ONE is a best fit. We likewise advise any type of kind of tiny brush that features numerous various other vaporizers. I such as the brush that features Storz & Bickel vapes since the end of it is a best fit to tamp down the E-Nano bowls.

A couple of (small) disadvantages

It’s tough ahead up with points to do not like concerning the E-Nano. The air circulation, nonetheless, is common of a log vape, and also seems like drawing on a thick milkshake or smoothie. The largest hits need a long, sluggish draw that won’t attract everybody. As stated in the past, a smaller sized power line would certainly be the crowning achievement. It’s a little also thick for its tiny dimension, yet by no implies a bargain breaker. The temperature level dial is likewise a little bit unsafe. A little bump can knock it up or down a couple of notches if you’re not taking note.

Service Warranty

EpicVape uses its customers a 3 year guarantee on the system and also a life time guarantee on the ceramic heating unit(glass not consisted of). Just like all vaporizers bought from World of the Vapes, you are likewise covered by our 100% Complete satisfaction Warranty.

What’s in package

  • E-Nano Vaporizer
  • Detachable 110v cable with flexible temperature level
  • Glass stem with basket display
  • Cotton bag for fast storage space
  • E-pick stainless-steel multi-tool
  • Flying start overview
  • EpicVape sticker label

EpicVape E-Nano Review Box Contents

For ideal outcomes

With every dish pack, ensure to provide it a soft tamp to press the natural herbs down far from the heating unit. You don’t desire them to touch and also possibly char your natural herbs. Don’t tamp it down way too much, however, or you’ll tighten up the air flow.EpicVape E-Nano Review Soft TampFor the large players, set a bigger tons with a solid pull to obtain the thickest hits. For the tiny tokers, pick a smaller sized tons and also take sluggish mild pinch hit relaxing, yet reliable vapor. Experiment with various tons dimensions, temperature levels, and also draw rates to discover the perfect combination for you.

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Make sure to have a look at our EpicVape E-Nano Tips and also Cleansing Overview for much more ideas.

Easy upkeep

Make sure to clean out the glass stem after each session. The longer it rests, the messier it obtains. For the heating unit, a fast brush of the display is all you’ll require in the future. Deep cleansings need absolutely nothing greater than saturating the glass stems. 

Have A Look At our EpicVape E-Nano Tips and also Cleansing Overview for a complete run-through.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Brushing out Glass Stem

That is the E-Nano for?

The EpicVape E-Nano will certainly succeed in any individual’s schedule, yet is specifically useful for smaller sized hits, or microdosing, without giving up high quality. It does well with any type of dimension dish, yet its degree of performance with small tons exceeds every vape in its group. The E-Nano sets feature and also design wonderfully, and also would certainly make a fantastic enhancement to any type of vaporist’s collection.

EpicVape E-Nano Review Lifestyle with Accessories

That is the E-Nano except?

If you require to take in mass quantities of product in as little time as feasible, this isn’t for you. It’ll require time experiencing an entire stock as you repack the stem over and also over, so it most likely won’t stay on top of the heaviest of players. And also naturally, if you require something mobile to handle the go, look in other places.

Our take

Log vapes have actually been around because the very early days of evaporating, fascinating customers with fantastic performance and also preference in special little plans. The majority of makers are smaller sized stores with minimal supply, and also are generally just located by fanatics. The E-Nano, nonetheless, evacuates all their highests, and also brings them to the mass market. We’re fed to bring you this obscure treasure! If you obtain one, opportunities are you’ll drop hard for it, and also utilize all of it the moment.