Puffco Top Cleansing as well as Upkeep Overview

Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance Guide


The Puffco Top drain clouds like nothing else, as well as you’re bound to mistake at some point. Whether you’re an informal individual or a hefty player, we’ve obtained you covered. We’ve outlined all the actions as well as information to hook you up with a clean Top!

Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance

Puffco Top Cleansing as well as Upkeep: What you require

Cleansing your Top is extremely basic as well as can be finished with simply a couple of house things.

  • Massaging alcohol
  • Little mug for saturating

Take it apart

To begin, allow’s eliminate every one of the items of your Peak as well as examine the damages. Clinch the atomizer as well as offer it a counterclockwise turn till it loosens up, as well as eliminate it from the base. The atomizer divides right into 4 various items yet to avoid any kind of damages, Puffco suggests maintaining everything with each other as well as dropping it right into some massaging alcohol to saturate.

Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance Dirty Atomizer
In our screening, we discovered that taking it apart was the most effective means to clean the whole atomizer. To do this, merely slide the rubber seal as well as eliminate the ceramic dish. Get rid of the ceramic brace within the rubber seal too. The ceramic dish as well as plate inside the steel real estate are extremely delicate, so beware as well as take apart at your very own threat.

Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance Disassembled

Vacant the bubbler as well as eliminate it from the base. Carefully drawing the glass down as well as far from the base need to suffice.

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Time to saturate

Fill up the bubbler a little much less than half means with massaging alcohol, cover the opening, as well as tremble it to relax any kind of crud inside. You might require to allow the bubbler saturate over night to relax thicker oil build-up. Once it’s nice as well as tidy, wash it out with fresh water as well as established it bent on completely dry.

Go down the whole atomizer, either put together or taken apart, as well as the carbohydrate cap right into a mug of massaging alcohol to saturate for a couple of hrs. The secure shouldn’t need much attention so set that aside for now. The alcohol will change to an amber color as the pieces soak. When the soak is finished, rinse the pieces off with warm water and let them dry out.

Put it back together

Now that the hard part is over, let’s throw it back together! If you kept the atomizer intact, simply screw it back onto the base and you’re good!

If not, start by slipping the ceramic buckle back into the rubber seal and gently placing the ceramic bowl back inside the metal housing. Then, place the seal back on top by lining up the three teeth on the buckle with the gaps along the metal housing, and gently press together. Be careful with this piece – this is where you can easily break your atomizer. When done correctly, the seal should be nice and flat, and the ceramic bowl should not be loose. Now, take the entire atomizer and screw it back onto the base until it’s nice and tight. Push down as you twist so that the threading catches.

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Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance Atomizer

Finally, take the bubbler and fill it up with water, just past the air holes. Always do this away from the electronic base to prevent any damage. Then, take the Puffco Peak glass part and attach it back onto the base. The key here is to make sure the bottom air hole on the outside of the bubbler is lined up with the intake hole on the base. Take a few test draws to make sure everything is lined up and good to go.

Run a burnoff

To finish off this deep cleaning, let’s run a quick burnoff. Turn your Puffco Peak on and toggle up to the highest temperature setting (White). Engage the heater with a double tap and let it run a full cycle with the carb cap off. We’ll do this a few times to be thorough before diving into a fresh session.

Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance: Burnoff
If your Peak starts flashing multiple colors, check the atomizer and make sure it’s tight enough.

Tips for a cleaner vape

If you find yourself cleaning the atomizer frequently, try using less material in your sessions. The sweet spot is any amount of concentrate you can fully vaporize without any leftovers. Experiment with different load sizes and temperatures, and find the combination that provides a satisfying hit without leaving a mess to clean later. We also suggest dumping and rinsing out the bubbler after you’re ended up for the day so that nothing settles as well as sticks to the glass. You’d be surprised at how dirty it can get! Adopt these tips into your routine for a happier as well as healthier Puffco Top.

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Puffco Peak Cleaning and Maintenance Swabbing