SMOK NFIX Companion Evaluation – Unusual Perfoamnce From a Tiny Shell System

NFIX Mate in the hand


The smooth little SMOK NFIX Companion is the brand-new item from among the very best recognized brand names in the vape globe.

They have actually been generating some fantastic items for newbies and also experienced vapers.  You might have currently come across the Nfix Package, which is the pen design shell system, this is the large bro in the Nfix collection.
SMOK NFIX Mate review

SMOK are recognized for their variety of various gadgets varying from sub-ohm tanks, large sturdy mods and also all the means to their little shell systems. They have an excellent record of generating fantastic starter kits for individuals that wish to leave those stinky cigarettes.

What’s In Package

I directly gave up cigarette smoking with a SMOK item and also remained utilizing SMOK for the initial year of my vaping life. I maintain them in turning awhile of fond memories. This is proof that SMOK items are an excellent requirement and also will certainly stand the examination of time.

SMOK appeared on the marketplace in 2010 and also have a substantial line of items, if I detailed all the collection this testimonial would certainly more than 10 web pages long. Among others of the standout collection it would certainly be the Nord 2, SMOK Vape Pen V2, Thallo S, Rigel Package and also TFV lines of below ohm tanks such as the TFV16.

If you consider SMOK’s internet site, you can plainly see they have a solid grip of the vaping globe and also can provide for all your vaping requires.

What Can We Get Out Of The SMOK Nfix-Mate Package

The Nfix Companion is a variable power level shell system (1-25W), with a very straightforward yet smooth technique to offering the customer the capacity to transform the power level and also transform the mod off with a solitary switch situated on the side of the gadget.

It includes a significant 1100mAh battery which is superior given that it will just make use of an optimum of 25 watts.

It features 2 various cases, the initial being a o.8-ohm mesh MTL shell and also the 2nd being a 0.08-ohm twin coil MTL shell. SMOK additionally have a solitary coil 1-ohm MTL shell you can purchase independently.

What remains in package

SMOK NFIX Mate kit contents

  • 1 x SMOK Nfix-Mate gadget
  • 1 x Nfix Harmonized 0.8-ohm shell (3ml capability)
  • 1 x Nfix DC 0.8-ohm shell (3ml capability)
  • SMOK lanyard
  • 2 x Silicon Dirt Caps
  • USB to Kind C billing cord
  • Customer Guidebook
  • SMOK Guarantee Card

Specifications & Characteristics

  • Dimension: 74mm/46.6mm/13.36mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Battery Capability: 1100mAh
  • Power Variety: 1W-25W
  • Billing Present: Max 0.69A
  • Billing Port: Kind C
  • Shell: 3ml Capability
  • Design of Vape: Attract Activation

The SMOK Nfix-Mate Package is available in a range of various colours as revealed listed below.
Colour options

Build & Style High Quality of The SMOK Nfix-Mate Package

Total Look

SMOK NFIX Pod System looks

Before obtaining I wasn’t certain concerning the develop top quality of this item, as they claim images can be tricking. The mod itself is superb top quality and also the surface extraordinary for such a tiny gadget.

The mod has a steel covering which has a matt surface to it which provides it a luxury feeling.

The SMOK Nfix Companion fits flawlessly in the hand, although I have smaller sized than typical sized hands it’s a best fit. I didn’t see the gadget when lugging it within any one of my pockets, also the little pocket on my pants is a best fit.
NFIX Mate in the hand

Dirt Cap

The silicon dirt caps that are offered, provided me a sensation that SMOK have actually assumed deeper right into the tidiness of the gadget. You can chuck it in your backpack or bag and also won’t require to bother with any kind of dust or little fragments that perhaps drifting around attempting to get involved in the mouth piece.
SMOK NFIX mate with dust cap on

I am permanently cleaning the within my drip suggestions on my normal gadgets prior to utilizing them as they are a magnet for anything to obtain stuck on.

I desire extra firms would certainly buy comparable devices, particularly with gadgets obtaining little sufficient to fit pleasantly within your pocket or bag.


SMOK have actually additionally consisted of a lanyard with the set. I used my own under a jumper on a day out. To my shock as the shell is extremely slim and also the lanyard is not a thick item of product, no person observed I had a vape under my jumper.
Lanyard that comes with NFIX mate

I feel this is a terrific device for individuals that get on the go and also do not desire a husky mod or shell filling out their pocket. You can conveniently camouflage it in a workplace setting and also not need to bother with any kind of undesirable lumps in your fit coat.

Battery (Mod)

What can I claim, the inner battery of this gadget is much larger than what I was anticipating for such a tiny portable shell system.

It has an excellent ‘clicky’ fire switch which I like, I have actually hung out clicking it to inspect the deterioration and also it has actually stood up to my assumptions remarkably.

This set switch system I really feel is a wise yet straightforward style component, it has the common 5 clicks to transform it on and also 5 clicks to transform it off.

To transform the power level of the gadget it’s a straightforward 3 clicks, await the power level to begin blinking and afterwards it’s one click to enhance the power level in 1 watt increments.

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As soon as It strikes 25 watts it rounded robins back to 1 watt. When you have actually discovered your recommended power level leave it and also within 3 secs it will certainly secure right into your recommended power.

  • 5 Clicks Transforms It On
  • 5 Clicks Transforms it Off
  • 3 Clicks To Adjustment Electrical Power
  • 1 Click Boosts Wattage By 1

This straightforward style is fantastic, no demand to bother with temperature level control, bypass setting or any kind of various other features you can locate on almost all mods nowadays.

Air Flow

The mod does not have any kind of air flow rings, nobs or openings that are visible on the gadget, this frustrated me in the beginning up until I place my investigative hat on and also took a deep study the style of the mod.

When the shell is suited the mod, there is a space in between the shell and also the mod which is the air flow “opening”.

Below is a fast description of just how it functions.

When you take a pull on the shell, the air is drawn with the void around the shell, this takes a trip down the side of the shell to the bottom where the air flow opening on the shell lies. This after that obtains drawn with your coil head (in the shell) and afterwards right into your mouth.

If I can provide this a contrast within the cigarette globe it’s even more like cigarette smoking on a pre-made cigarette than a roll your very own design of cigarette smoking.

OLED Display

The battery features an OLED display which is of an excellent dimension (20.2mm long by 6.3mm high). Although this does seem on the little side it’s a best suitable for the gadget.

The display is intense sufficient that also in straight sunshine I had no concerns seeing my power level or the battery percent.

The Cases

The fill port gets on the side of the shell and also it has a rubber gasket to load. SMOK should have taken individuals suggestions aboard and also have actually made their cases translucent sufficient to make it possible for individuals to see their fluid degree.SMOK NFIX Mates Pods

This is a large reward as many shell systems make it almost difficult to see your fluid degree where you risk of completely dry shedding your coils. They are additionally plainly noted with the coil kind so you recognize what each shell is.

These cases are magnetic and also have under coil air flow which provide the shell an extra limited air flow however not so limited that it is unpleasant.SMOK NFIX MAte magnets on pods

The magnets which hold the shell in position are greater than sufficient for this system, I have actually placed this inadequate gadget with its rates with drawing it out of my pocket by the shell and also it has not split up at the same time.

I have actually invested several hrs whilst enjoying movies, drawing the shell out constantly to see if the magnets end up being loosened and also to see if any kind of concerns occur.

I should claim the magnets are best and also I have actually discovered no concerns whatsoever with the develop or style of the magnetic system for this shell.
NFIX Mate magnets in mod

Just How to Fill Up the SMOK NFIX Companion Pods

The shell loading system is exceptionally straightforward and also simple to make use of:

  • Take your shell out of your battery
  • Transform shell so the rubber gasket on the side is dealing with directly
  • Utilize your nail to draw the side closest to the mouth piece end to reveal the fill opening.
  • Fill up the shell utilizing your e-liquid container whilst tipping the mouth piece in the direction of the flooring.
  • This will certainly guarantee your shell is chock-full.
  • Re-attach the rubber gasket, seeing to it the rubber is flush with the shell.
  • Area the shell back onto the battery and also wait 5 mins for the e-liquid to fill the cotton.

How to fill the SMOK NFIX Mate pods

Just How Does the SMOK Nfix Companion Perform?

SMOK NFIX Companion cases are completely exchangeable, the only distinction from various other shell systems is that you will certainly need to change the entire shell not simply the coil head which is within.

If you are brand-new to vaping and also this would certainly be your initial gadget this is a terrific plus for you.

There is no demand to fiddle when attempting to fit coil heads. Fortunately with the SMOK Nfix Companion you just need to keep in mind if you desire the Meshed or the DC shell, this is due to the fact that many firm launch a substantial quantity of various cases for one gadget.

Shell Efficiency

First Of All, I am simply mosting likely to lay out the kinds of e-liquid that I make use of to examine the efficiency of these coils. I just make use of e-liquids that I have actually been vaping on for years so I have a superb functioning expertise of the notes I must be leaving the e-liquid.

I made use of Limey Slush by Joe’s Juice which is a 70VG/30PG at 1.5mg Pure nicotine for both cases, this provides me a terrific base to exercise the flavour distinctions.

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As I don’t make use of shell systems typically, I additionally bought Fuji Tropix Nic Salt by Beauty Vape Carbon Monoxide at 10mg of Pure nicotine. I make use of the freebase variation of the Fuji Tropix, so I recognize the account and also can contrast properly when utilizing Nic Salts.

DC 0.8ohm Shell Flavour & Cloud Manufacturing

I had no concerns with this shell, plug and also play all the time.

Flavour got on factor regarding be anticipated from a double coil shell, Cloud manufacturing was excellent considering it is such a tiny shell system.

When experimenting with the power level for this coil, the shell specifies 15 – 25watts, 15 watts did not draw out a lot flavour from the e-liquid. It’s significantly like when you place way way too much water in orange squash where it generates an extremely diminished flavour.

Anywhere in between 19 to 24 watts is where the shell enters into its very own, flavour simply obtains extra extreme.

The rise of just 4 watts is superior just how the shell revives. I invested during simply drifting in between the 21 – 24 watts just due to the fact that I wished to see how much time the shell would certainly last on top end of the suggested power level.

I am well right into week 2 on this coil after regular usage (in between 50 to 150 smokes daily) and also it is gradually beginning to shed flavour. This is amazing, when I began my trip vaping coil heads I was transforming them in between 3 to 5 days. Some individuals transform on an once a week basis, however I despised when the flavour would certainly reduce.

On day 6 I chose to place the shell with its rates by transforming the fluid which generally damages the coil head. I transformed from the 70/30 lime slush to the nic salt.

I was extremely skeptical that it would certainly simply spoil the flavour and also not do along with in the past, to my shock the coil took it like a champ. As soon as the initial e-liquid made its means with the cotton you can taste the nic salt flawlessly. There was no remaining notes of the previous e-liquid which I was anticipating.

This shell is a reputable little fella without any concerns to report, never ever obtained a completely dry hit. In some cases I allow the fluid degree decrease listed below the minimal line which is engraved onto the side of the shell itself, it did not quickly completely dry fire and also melt the cotton.

The shell is evil as if you can taste the cotton drying. I have actually just ever before discovered this to take place when utilizing an RDA, which brings me to claim just how well SMOK have actually done on generating a greater develop top quality to their coil heads.

I ran an examination and also left the shell inverted for an entire evening to see if there was any kind of leak, in the early morning I can not also locate a solitary decrease of e-liquid. I examined the shell to see if the coil obtained oversaturated as a result of the placement of the shell.

No concerns whatsoever it vaped like a champ.

I am an actual stickler forever air flow, I assumed this shell would certainly make the air flow as well limited and also provide It an unstable result when making use of the shell.

I was exceptionally stunned that the air flow was happily smooth, with even more of a limited mouth to lung than a mouth to lung design of vaping. This chooses both cases that where offered in the set.

Harmonized 0.8ohm Shell

Regretfully, I have actually had significant concerns with this shell, whenever I put the shell it would certainly not review the ohms so subsequently would certainly not terminate the gadget.

I attempted cleaning the get in touches with within the shell real estate of the mod along with the get in touch with of the shell with a microfibre fabric. There are no screws on the shell so I can not see if any kind of screws where loosened. This did not transform the result as it still would certainly not terminate

Nonetheless, after messing about with the shell by taking it out and also placing it back in even more times than I maintained matter of, I obtained a link and also would certainly review the ohms appropriately to permit it to fire.

The 5 times it terminated, the flavour from the coil is superior. This coil took me to flavour community and also I discovered that it highlighted the notes in my fluid that I can not taste on various other shell systems made use of formerly.

I can not examine out the various other e-liquid due to the fact that it would certainly not permit me to vape sufficient to bring the fluid degree down in the shell to include the Nic Salt.

I have actually left the shell resting upright on my workdesk for a minimum of a week and also I need to claim it has actually dripped e-liquid virtually half the shell onto my workdesk. I seized the day to wipe the e-liquid and also the shell and also loaded it with the Nic Salt, assuming perhaps I can obtain it to fire.

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To my disappointment it still would certainly not terminate.

The shell broke down an excellent quantity of vapour, far more than I anticipated. The vapour was exceptionally tasty and also thick. You can constantly rely upon mesh coils to offer a thick and also extra tasty vape in my point of view when it involves premade coils.

As these coils are standardized, I should have obtained a dodgy shell, this does never imply that all the knitted cases are mosting likely to resemble this. This is a pity due to the fact that I would certainly have made use of the shell up until it passed away on me and afterwards gone and also acquired a situation extra.


The battery I really feel is a significant marketing factor for this item, as specified over I obtained 3 days make use of out of the battery prior to requiring to reenergize.

I recognize that many people that are transforming to vaping dislike the suggestion of needing to bill the gadget every number of hrs.

Having the KIND C billing port, the battery is completely butted in a much quicker time.

It took 83 mins to complete cost from 8% which I assumed was exceptionally fast. The display reveals you how much time it will certainly require to bill, it provides you that item of mind recognizing you have a complete battery.

When you connect the gadget in it will certainly show up on the display the approximated time to completely billed, I discovered this a truly good included function.

The only drawback to the battery mod is that there is no caution that there is reduced battery, you can be blowing away after that it will certainly simply quit shooting. I originally assumed I was having an issue with the shell however on the display, it states “Also Reduced To Fire” unless you look you wouldn’t recognize.

A tiny LED light would certainly have been fantastic as a caution or blinking display when battery is obtaining reduced.


  • Little and also portable
  • Smooth and also elegant
  • Extraordinary battery capability
  • Dirt cap is a terrific device
  • Terrific flavour from both cases
  • Clear shell to watch on fluid degrees
  • Can be vaped whilst it is billing over 20%


  • Billing port under, would certainly have chosen it on the side (individual choice)
  • Had concerns with the Meshed shell, I would certainly have been actually distressed if I got this and also had this problem.
  • The mouth piece is a little bit of a lip waste magnet

Last Decision

What can I claim concerning the SMOK Nfix Companion. As vape starter kits go this is a terrific item to assist you stop flammable cigarettes.

The flavour and also efficiency of this item surpassed my assumptions. If I had this as my initial gadget when stopping I would certainly have discovered it a whole lot much easier.

The straightforward and also simple means to go from opening up package to vaping it is under 6 mins which consists of allowing the cotton in the coil/pod fill. This is a significant plus for me without any fiddling called for.

The rates of the cases I really feel is affordable as they are economical and also would certainly imply even more individuals are inclined to “provide vaping a go” recognizing that it is not costing a fortune

I have actually found out that a great deal of individuals are delayed transforming to vaping due to the fact that all they see allows twin 18650 vape mods and also huge below ohm tanks that seem like you are lugging a block.

This would certainly be a terrific existing for a liked one that wishes to stop cigarette smoking and also desires a straightforward, smooth, and also portable design gadget.

I would certainly suggest this gadget as a terrific little back up vape, mine is presently in the centre console of my auto. You can completely bill it and also leave in your auto in situation your normal gadget lacks battery and also cannot transform them up.

It is best if you desire a mobile little gadget that can create fantastic flavour along with an enjoyable quantity of vape clouds.

It additionally is a terrific starter vape for somebody that wishes to surrender those smelly cigarettes with a terrific straightforward yet efficient gadget.

Did you purchase the SMOK NFIX friend set? We would certainly like to hear your ideas in the remarks listed below!


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