Testimonial: Is the New DynaVap Omni 2021 Well Worth It?

Review: Is the New DynaVap Omni 2021 Worth It?


DynaVap launched 3 brand-new VapCaps this year, and also the Omni is my individual fave. It’s leaking snappy, feature and also enjoyable. If you’re like me and also believed the old Omni couldn’t be gone beyond, bring up a chair and also allow’s have a look.

What’s an Omni?

An Omni is a top-shelf VapCap, made by Dynavap. It’s created completely from titanium, besides the cap and also some o-rings. VapCaps are completely dry natural herb vaporizers warmed by hand with a lantern lighter, and also they’re about the dimension of a timeless cigarette. Although by hand managed, VapCaps make a distinct “click” when prepared to evaporate, dividing them from various other butane powered vapes that leave you thinking. Warmth the reduced fifty percent of the idea for hotter hits, and also the top fifty percent for cooler hits. When you’ve had sufficient of the lantern, upgrade to an induction heating unit for very easy and also constant heatups.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review In Hand

We ought to additionally state the brand-new term TED. DynaVap has actually quit calling their items vaporizers and also began calling them TEDs, or Thermal Removal Tools.

Remarkably powerful

Each time I grab a VapCap I’m amazed at the performance, and also the Omni is no various. The impacts are powerful for such a percentage of herbs.The Omni, like all 2021 VapCaps, has a two-position adjust-a-bowl, and also both dimensions are dinky. A complete dish is around 0.1 grams, and also the smaller sized setup is half that. If you enjoy smaller sized dosages, VapCaps are for you.

DynaVap omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Adjust-a-bowl

Left: .1 grams / Right: .05 grams

DynaVap Omni 2021 testimonial: Useful art

The last Omni was a program stopper, and also I considered it among my most lovely vapes, so I was worried concerning a creative overhaul. Yet this holds its very own. I believe it’s equally as appealing as the older Omni, yet is entirely various.

Given that we twirl VapCaps to warm them, DynaVap made the older Omni enjoyable to take a look at, with aspects that made the light dancing backwards and forwards the stem. This brand-new Omni has its very own light reveal that spirals around the stem rather than backwards and forwards its size. Combined with the brand-new customized Omni idea, it’s magnificent!

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Side by Side

Left: 2021 Omni / Right: Initial OmniVap XL

Revamped idea

The brand-new Omni idea is enormously upgraded, and also is a significant win. It’s additionally concerning 25% much heavier than earlier titanium pointers. Allow’s get involved in all the information, beginning with the o-rings and also going up to the crown.

2 o-rings are far better than 3! The brand-new Omni idea has one much less o-ring than previous titanium pointers, and also both the fit and also coating are much better for it. The idea conveniently glides right into location, cuddling up versus the stem without subjected o-ring like in the past, and also mixing the idea right into the stem.

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Each of the 9 warm dissipating fins is divided by a tri-cut groove that’s responsible for the glimmer – twirl and also delight in! The fins pave the way to the contoured dish, which appears like it’s been inculcated type by a blacksmith. It’s feasible that the contours adjustment the air flow somewhat, however what I actually discovered was the Slave Cap currently remains on far better.

At the idea of the dish is the crown, with 9 notches for air flow. The notches have 3 various dimensions, and also have sufficient side to cut via natural herbs without reducing my fingers.

We currently stated the modified Adjust-a-bowl – established the display for complete or half complete.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Tip Features

Ideal flight terminal and also rocker yet

The 2021 Omni has what DynaVap calls twin turbulating flight terminals. They’re beside each various other, however somewhat balanced out to contrary sides of the Omni. The idea begins by holding the Omni with your center or first finger over the flight terminals, and also your thumb over the rocker listed below. Strike the Omni with the flight terminals aimed at noontime, and also turn the VapCap backward and forward in between eleven and also one o’clock. With each rock, air rejects one side of the condenser tube, after that down the opposite, producing disturbance.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Airport and Rocker

Shake it backward and forward to develop disturbance throughout your hit

The flight terminal is currently better from the mouth piece contrasted to the last Omni, and also it really feels much more all-natural to me. It’s just one-eight of an inch, however it’s the ideal one-eight. As well as of all my VapCaps, this rocker is my favored. The tilted rocker produces a ridge that stands apart from the remainder of the stem. I can select it up and also locate my means to the flight terminal without looking every single time.

Manage the air flow in vogue

The Omni’s condenser setting up adapts to limit air flow. Transform the mouth piece clockwise to open it up, and also counter-clockwise to limit it. The system coincides as the old Omni, however the brand-new one has grooves on the mouth piece to note your wonderful area.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Heat Eaxchanger

The warm exchanger has helical grooves that spiral up television, tightening up as they near the idea. DynaVap states they cool down the vapor much better. If you value focus to information, see to it to get rid of the mouth piece and also appreciate the warm exchanger!

Surprise Easter eggs!

DynaVap enjoys numerology and also geometries, and also it displays in their layouts. Get any kind of VapCap, and also you’re sure to locate patterns in 3’s, 7’s, nines, and so on. Omni’s function the number 9. I discovered at the very least 6 Easter eggs simply searching for nines. Take pleasure in a dish and also begin counting!

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DynaVap language

Overwhelmed by all the technological Dynavap lingo? Allow’s clear that up.

  • Twin turbulating flight terminals – 2 balanced out flight terminals that can alternative inbound air down both sides of the condenser tube, producing disturbance.
  • 9 fin idea account – The idea has 9 heat-dissipating fins.
  • Nona crown – The crown, or extremely end of the idea, has 9 cuts in it to raise air flow.
  • Completely contoured removal chamber – Straight grooves on the beyond the dish that hold the Slave Cap on much better.
  • Boosted responsive navigating geometry – The Omni has an unique band that notes the touchdown area for your thumb and also first finger.
  • Substance angled Rocker – Reverse the flight terminal, the rocker angles to a factor that’s very easy to locate without looking.
  • Variable pitch helical warm trading condenser – Spin the mouth piece to extend/retract the condenser tube and also alter the air flow. The beyond the condenser tube is contoured in a helical pattern that DynaVap asserts cools down the vapor much more.
  • Two-position Adjust-a-blow – The display inside the dish can be established for complete or half ability.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review DynaVap Lingo

Natural herbs and also removes

VapCaps were created for completely dry natural herbs, and also they stand out at it. Yet a pair years ago they launched the DynaCoil for removes, and also it functions well with a little method. Simply position the coil in the dish, include your removes, and also warm. When I utilize a lantern, it’s ideal to pre-heat the dish straight prior to placing the cap on. With an induction heating unit, I such as to warm it a number of secs past the click. The getting too hot rejects some thick clouds.

Absolutely nothing’s ideal

My complaints are couple of, and also fixate the condenser tube setting up. While it’s very easy to readjust the air flow, you need to turn it a great deal to make a tiny change. The mouth piece makes 2 complete turnings from large open to completely shut, and also I needed to relocate the pen a number of notches each time to discover a distinction. I believed there was area for enhancement right here, and also am a little dissatisfied to see the feature stay the same.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Mouthpiece

Service Warranty

Without any electronic devices and also little to fail, VapCaps don’t have a service warranty. Like every one of our items, the DynaVap Omni is covered by our 100% Fulfillment Warranty.

What’s in package

  • Omni vaporizer
  • Storage space tube with stand

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review What's in the Box

For ideal outcomes

When it pertains to VapCaps, it’s done in the warm up, so exercise your twirl. There’s a distinctive band around the Omni focused in between the flight terminal and also the idea. This is where you squeeze and also twirl. Attempt to maintain the idea in the fire, with a stable hand while you twirl.

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Easy upkeep

There’s very little to do to maintain the Omni running fresh. Vacant the dish after each session to maintain the display cleaner. When it’s time for a deep cleansing, simply dismantle, get rid of the o-rings from the condenser tube, and also saturate all the steel components. Rinse, completely dry, and also reassemble, and also it’s tidy as brand-new!

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Cleaning

That is the Omni for?

The Omni is for somebody that intends to make a declaration with their VapCap. It will certainly stand out, whether individuals recognize what a VapCap is or otherwise. The unaware will certainly doubt the entire idea, while DynaFreaks will certainly salivate over the most up to date Omni. The vapor doesn’t stand apart from the budget plan VapCaps, so this is everything about design.

That is the Omni except?

The Omni is a by hand managed vaporizer, which won’t interest a great deal of individuals. If you require to call in a certain temperature level, look somewhere else. As well as although it’s tiny, it’s not very discreet. The hissing lantern lighter ensures of that.

Lastly, the Omni is not affordable. The exact same vapor can be had for £75 with the 2021 M. The Omni is £220, so bring your fat purse.

Our take

Of all the DynaVap launches this year, the Omni is my favored. We don’t yet recognize if it will certainly change the old Omni, or live close to it, however I wish for the last. Initially I wished to see a brief variation, however I can inform this layout won’t reduce as conveniently as the last. I took into consideration the old Omni an outright standard, so I was a little anxious concerning this launch, however I discovered myself dropping in love around once more. I consider them equates to in type and also feature.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review Lineup


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